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Primary Point Images

Mind Creates Buddha
Mind Creates  the Universe
Now Both are Empty

Depending on the Artist's Schedule, it is possible to commission the creation of  an individual portrait.  This process sometimes involves an individual photography session and a considerable wait while the artist works on the project.

Portrait sizes and pricing can be obtained by calling the artist's studio.

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If you are interested in contacting the artist's studio, please use this convenient EMAIL form.

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Portrait of Man  22"x28"x1.75"  Metal Image on Acrylic Canvas

Individual Portraits are available on a very limited basis.  Please contact the artist for waiting period and costs.  Each portrait is an individual creation that involves considerable time.

Above:  "Mind Creates Self"  Portrait
24"x24"x1.75"  Metal Print on Acrylic Painted Canvas
Individual portraits are available in most sizes on a limited basis.   Please contact the artist for prices and more information.


John Myerchin  is a juried member of the prestigious Laguna Art Group

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