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Primary Point Images

About the Artist

John Myerchin has been accepted as a juried member of the DAC Gallery in Palm Springs.  Samples of his work can be seen in this beautiful gallery.

Primary Point Images

Mind Creates Buddha
Mind Creates  the Universe
Now Both are Empty

My artistic vision was formed in the study of modern psychology, Zen Buddhism, quantum physics, and the neuroscience of perception.  It is important for me to capture Primary Point Imagesimages at the the moment of creation in the human mind. It’s my sincere desire that the viewer can view these images and  share that moment and, most importantly, look beyond it and into the greatest mystery of all... the self.

All art is a “hand pointing to the moon”.  The viewer must not become  attached to the hand, but search earnestly for the moon. 

It has been a grand life.  Raised on a small farm in northern Minnesota, I was emerged in the sensual beauty of nature.  As a young man I studied for three years in a Benedictine Monastery and learned to relax in the contemplative life.  I had the rejuvenating experience of thirty years as a psychological counselor to adolescents.  After building a 32' Westsail sail boat, I sailed it to Hawaii with my family.  My wife and I have shared over 50 years together enjoying our children and grandchildren.  Truly a grand life

John will often utilize many different media in the creation of the Primary Image. This process involves pencil, pen sketches, acrylic and oil paint along with the difficult medium of poured resin... all of this can involve weeks of painstaking work  before he is pleased with his final Primary Image.  That master image is then faithfully translated into very limited archival images that are presented  on solid metal and on museum quality canvas.  Many of these Primary Images are then displayed on his individually painted  acrylic or oil complementing backgrounds.  Each final image is authenticated with the artist's signature and stamp.

"Label of Authenticity" on the back of each Myerchin painting

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