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Viewing "the Act of Creation" in the medium of art

Samsara Jack Studio hopes you can relax in the moment and simply enjoy the  visual stimulation this art presents.

The founding artist of Samsara Jack Studio, John Myerchin, works in a complex assortment of  media in the process of developing his unique style of art that depicts his view of reality at its most fundamental level... the Primary Point of the  mind raising the phenomenal world from the quantum level. He jokingly refers to this process as "quantum stimulation".  

John will often utilize many different media in the creation of the Primary Image. This process involves pencil, pen sketches, photography, acrylic and oil paint with different mediums... all of this can involve months of painstaking work  before he is pleased with his final Primary Image.  That master image is then faithfully translated into very limited archival images that are perfectly and permanently reproduced  on solid metal surfaces and on museum quality canvas.  Many of these Primary Images are then displayed on his individually painted  acrylic or oil complementing backgrounds.  Each final image is authenticated with the artist's signature and stamp.

After a career in counseling psychology, the artist spent years devoted to the exploration of quantum physics, cultural or "consensus" reality,  and Western and Zen Buddhist philosophy.  The artist was challenged to visually create the magical act of the mind creating our illusion of phenomena.  The artistic vision that formed from this melding of psychology, physics, cultural anthropology, and Buddhist thought is what the viewer experiences when viewing these works.  If the purpose of fine art is to present the artist's inner vision, that elusive goal is approached very uniquely in the confines of this artist's studio.

John Myerchin has been accepted as a juried member of the DAC Gallery in Palm Springs.  Samples of his work can be seen in the beautiful gallery.

All art is a "finger pointing to the moon."  Don't be trapped by the pointing hand ... always search diligently for the moon.


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